Professional Bartender Resume

by Ralph “Slade” Galindez (aka, The Elegant Bartender)
(Tucson, AZ , USA)

Professional Bartender Resume

Career objective: To join a honorable and professional hospitality, elite club event center, or restaurant environment where I can implement my skills as an advantageous bartender by upholding the set standards of the establishment to insure patronage and bar loyalty amongst all customers.

-Nominated Best Bartender of Houston consecutively 2008 & 2009.
-Managerial and Lead Bartender Experience
-Trained and practiced in Barista techniques and recipes.
-In depth comprehension of Japanese Sake and Beer.
-Designed new drink promotions.
-Accounts receivable/payable.

Helped to reevaluate drink menus of all previous restaurants and bars to make the drinks more cost effective and highly marketable; this includes the addition of custom cocktails and an other worldly line of martinis.

Zanzibar Owner: Daniel Adeyemo (713) 907-6183 Houston, Tx
October 2010 – Present Shift Leader and Trainer

Zanzibar is a thriving new lounge with heavy cultural influences. I performed all functions relating to high-volume bar operation for a wide variety of social networks.

I prepared drinks with fresh creative garnishes, created cost effective custom recipes, managed crowd dynamics, anticipated and communicated customer needs, as well as performed and supervised opening and closing duties.

I trained new bartenders, even those without prior bar experience or Bartending School. I was responsible for inventory on my shifts and made sure each deposit and register was balanced for that night.

Samurai Mgr: Patrick Dougherty (832) 272-5092 Houston, Tx
February 2010 – June 2010 Lead Bartender/Bar Manager

Samurai is a 4 Star Japanese Steak and Sushi restaurant where I served as Lead Bartender and Bar Manager.

My duties included training wait staff on wines, spirits, bar procedures and server techniques, accounts receivable/payable, adapting their new drink menu, ordering and stocking the bar, designing all bar procedures (which are still in place), general repairs, and bar/cooler maintenance.

I designed several of Samurai’s signature and custom drinks like the Flaming Blue Sake, Saketini and Japanese Martini.

Vargo’s Owner: Mrs. Woo (713) 782-3888 Houston, Tx
November 2009 – February 2010 FT (Event bartender as of present date)
Lead Bartender with Managerial Duties

Vargo’s is an exceptional 5 star restaurant. I was the only bartender trusted by Vargo’s in several years.

I was responsible for every aspect of maintaining and operating the bar, which consisted of stocking and inventory control, menu assessment and assembly, and assisted in drink pricing in addition to performing the tasks of an exceptional bartender.

Elegant Hog Recently Sold to New Owners Houston, Tx
March 2009 - September 2009 Lead Bartender with Full Managerial Duties

The Elegant Hogg is a bustling neighborhood bar where I developed a small following of loyal customers who will come into whichever bar I reside.

I was responsible for training any new bartenders, preparing drink orders for guests in accordance to specified recipes using free-pour techniques, handling accounts payable/receivable, employee scheduling and planning special events.

Cascadas Out of Business Houston, TX
October 2008 – April 2009 Lead Bartender

Cascadas is still undergoing a change of owner. I was their lead bartender where my responsibilities included, but were not limited to the following: prepare drinks, open and serve wine/champagne, maintain and improve condition of the bar, bar inventory, bartender training, process all payment types, count banks at the end of shift, complete designated cashier reports, and complete closing duties.

Nick’s Place Owner: Nick Rinchuiso (713) 780-8338 Houston, TX
April 2007 – October 2008 Bartender

I performed all functions relating to high-volume bar operation.

I prepared drinks and fresh creative garnishes, learned to create cost effective bar recipes, managed crowd dynamics, stocked glassware, anticipate and communicate customer needs, as well as perform and supervise closing duties.

References: Available upon request

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