Public School Custodial Staff Manager

by Brent Berkey
(Rome City, IN, USA)

Public School Custodial Staff Manager

I am 50 yrs old. I was a toolmaker for 17 yrs. After 911, the ecomomy began to fall, and I took a job as the Head Custodian for the East Noble Middle school.

There there are 600 students, 7th and 8th grade. We have approximately 40 on the teaching staff and 5 in the administration office. There are 8 employees in the kitchen. I have 3 custodians working 3 shifts.

I do some light electrical and plumbing repairs here and there; along with coordinating events and making sure we are staffed for these. The school building is 110,000 sq feet, with 45 classrooms, the gym and cafe.

We have 10 restrooms and 6 air handlers; I am responsible for keeping it all going. The building was last remodeled in 1984.

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