Retail Hospitality Customer Service and Security Agent Resume

by Richard Lowe
(San Juan, PR, US Territory)

Retail Hospitality Customer Service and Security Agent Resume

Objective: To become part of a Company and be able to help grow the Company and also grow within the Company itself.

Atlantic Beach Hotel, San Juan,PR, Front Desk and night security, 2005-2010. Process reservations and Walk-ins and keep safe enviroment for hotel customers and guests.

Macy’s Federated Stores, San Juan,PR, Ladies Shoe Department(Shoe Expediter), 2005-2008.

In-charge of keeping track of Stock,Clearance Sale and Updating prices on the sales floor.

Fugitive Recovery Investigations
San Juan, PR, Security Guard Supervisor (Lieutenant), Jan-Dec 2005.

• General supervision of guards including work schedules, payroll, field supervision
• Preparation of daily, weekly and monthly reports
• Resolution of any incidents occurring during guard shifts

Department of Homeland Security, San Juan, PR,
Transportation Security, 2002-2005

• Provided safe environment for the passengers, while preventing illegal artifacts to be mounted on an airplane.
• Help locate Explosives, Weapons, Paraphenalia and Hazardous Materials within the Passenger’s baggage.
• Certified to operate X-ray machine,CT 5500 and 9000 Computerized Tomography, L-3 Explosive Detection

Station and Explosive Trace Detection machines, Pueblo International Supermarkets INC., San Juan, PR, Night Janitor

• Performed all kinds of cleaning duties.
• Stripped,wash,wax and polish the floors.
• Provide preventive maintenance to all the maintenance equipment.

Wyndham El San Juan Hotel and Casino, San Juan, PR
Housekeeping Houseman and Laundry Truck Driver, 1996-2001.

• Performed cleaning duties.
• Helped Maids with their duties.
• Take the dirty linen and process it at the Laundry Facilities.

Pueblo Internatinal Supermarkets INC., San Juan, PR, Night Janitor, 1993-1996

• Performed cleaning Duties.
• Supervised employees and their duties.
• Travel to cover Janitors at other stores.
1990-1993 Instituto Tecnologico de San Juan
San Juan,PR
• ASS. DEG. Biomedical Technology.
18 credits to finish degree.
• Large amount of experience in searching for explosives ,weapons and Hazardous Materials using various methods
previously mentioned. Diplomas and Certificates can be shown on demand.
• Experience driving many different types of Trucks and vans for delivery of equipment and merchandise.

Available upon request.

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