The Wedding Hostess

by Ethel Landis
(Independence, KS, USA)

Hostess, Bride, & Groom

Hostess, Bride, & Groom

Great pictures and video! It was truly a beautiful day as well as a beautiful venue. Having family from both sides made the day even better.

I just wish that we had spent more time making bubbles! Oh..almost forgot about the outstanding buffet.

I'm so happy you found each other. Love you both and miss you.

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Boob Tape
by: The Bride

I bet you never thought I'd do it.

Well, neither did I!

Thank you for your love and support!

I couldn't have managed the boob tape without you.

With Love, Your Daughter. Julia Lee Milteer

Hello Ethel and Millard
by: Andre & Julia

Dearest Mum,

What a true joy it is to have you as our Wedding Hostess. Your Energy, Planning, and Coordination made the stress of the wedding event a wonderfully momentous event. Not to mention the fact that is was an OUTSIDE event.

You are an inspiration to all in attendance. Best Person and Niece, Mrs. Mavis Milteer-Penn complimented your graciousness. The Bride was so pleased that, "Her Person," was actively and intimately involved with the festivity. You lovingly managed -- GROOM-ZILLA-THE-HUN! [thank-you, Mum].

We Thank You, BESTEST MUM!

Love, ~Your California Kids

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