Writing A Winning Resume

by Harley Mitchell
(Publisher, Sample-Resumes.net)


How do you create the perfect resume that sells you and gets you the interview?

How do you write the kind of resume that gets you to the top of the list among hundreds, if not thousands, of job seekers out there?

Writing the perfect resume is a challenge most individuals are not successful at.

Many procrastinate and resort to using canned resume templates that doesn't do their skills and achievements any justice and just makes them look like the rest.

An effective resume will speak with confidence and represent you in a very marketable way to prospective employers.

A good resume should be able to sell you and get you an interview. If doesn't do that, it's time to check your resume and re-write it.

Here are a few pointers in creating that winning resume:

1. Flaunt your skills. Make sure every important skill is highlighted and that every relevant detail is not left unlisted.

2. Keep your resume short and brief. Do not clutter it with too much irrelevant information.

Employers would only look to hire individuals who have the skill they need. Keep your resume at least one page long, and 2 pages max (and only if needed).

3. Keep everything real. Do not fabricate.

Chances are, your employers will do random background checks, and you don't want to be caught lying, do you? That will only ruin your chances of getting yourself interviewed.

4. Avoid questionable topics. Never list anything that could give your employers some doubts about your skill, experience or work history.

Also it is best to avoid putting information that pertains to race, religion, politics and the likes on your resume.

5. Sell your strengths. Don't hide your assets especially if it's something that will prove beneficial to your prospective employers.

6. Always make sure your resume is able to place you in the best possible light. Make sure your resume does a good job in giving focus to your skills and achievements.

7. Focus on the benefit you can give to the employers. Always consider their needs.

They are hiring for a reason. They need a certain skill. Make sure you let them know you can deliver that need and be an asset to them.

8. Make use of a good powerful opening statement. Nothing creates the perfect first impression at a glance when you have a good catchy opening statement to begin your resume.

9. Make use of keywords and phrases. Employers are constantly looking for keywords and phrases only to filter job applicants.

10. Make sure your resume is well thought and well organized. Keep it clutter free from irrelevant information.

When you have great tips and pointers in writing a resume, chances are you are going to end up with an effective piece. Just make sure it sells you and lands you an interview.

If it doesn't, don't worry. You just need to re-write and re-organize your resume and make sure the following guidelines are met and followed.

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