Yes, U Can!

by Andre V Milteer, M.A.
(Texas, USA)

Andre V. Milteer, M.A.

Andre V. Milteer, M.A.

You U Can!
How many times have you heard?:
*You Can't Do That!
*You Won't Be Able To...
*We Will NEVER...
*I'm Not ______ enough to...

Well, I'm here to tell you; U Can!!!

The other day, one of my colleagues, held a small discussion. She said, U Can!!! Continuing on, she offered:
*U Can!!!Speak & Lead groups effectively
*U Can!!!Brighten the day of others
*U Can!!!Become a Great Department Manager
*U Can!!!Become a Circuit Judge or Criminal Attorney
*U Can!!!Become a Great Sales Consultant

Best of All, U Can!!! LIFT the Spirits of those you come into contact with. U Can!!! Encourage The Masses to achieve Limitless Potential & Possibilities.

**Theme borrowed from Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential Campaign**

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