5 Tips for a Great Job Search Resume

by Tracy Cooper, M.A.
(Newark, NJ, USA)

Tracy Cooper, 'The Résumépreneur'

Tracy Cooper, 'The Résumépreneur'

5 Tips for a Great Job Search Resume

Résumés should never be “cookie-cutter” since one size will never fit all positions you are seeking to fill.

Therefore, you should modify your résumé for each position by utilizing key words contained in the job requisition of the position you are interest in.

Otherwise, you do not stand a chance of being canvassed for a position that you may be a perfect match for.

Besides your standard résumé (chronological, functional or hybrid), you will also need a “scannable” résumé that can be copied and pasted into job search engines where this is an option.

Otherwise, you can upload your Microsoft Word résumé document where applicable.

Competition is fierce so arm yourself with the proper tools that will set you apart from other job–seekers. Your résumé should be unique, visually pleasing, contain some quantitative data and speak directly to each vacant position you are applying to as mentioned above.

Thus, each job-seeker should have a “job-seeking toolbox. In your job-seeking toolbox, you should have the following items: résumé, cover letter (letter of introduction), thank you letter, résumé portfolio (google this) and the right attitude to persevere in these tough economic times.

Always follow-up after submitting for each position you apply to by giving each potential employer a telephone call and inquiring about the status of the open position.

All my best to each one of you as you approach your respective journeys in finding viable employment.

Tracy Cooper, 'The Résumépreneur',
is the Founder & President of The Résumé Workshop.

As the owner of this company, Ms Cooper wears two hats. She designs résumés for her clients that she gains by attending numerous networking and community events and also by recommendations from her former clients.

She also teaches résumé writing in an effort to allow her clients and students become self-sufficient in the creation of their own résumés.

To learn more about Tracy Cooper, The Résumé Workshop, and/or to utilize her professional services, please email info.myresumeworkshop@gmail.com or telephone her office, (908)753-1111.

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