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eResumes4Vips-News #50 -I Admit, I'm Fat!
January 15, 2011
Dear Friends,

'Jus Testing the Waaters'

No, I haven't lost my mind. This is NOT a cruel hoax. Yes, I know; I emailed out this very same article to my list last week. But...

NO ONE READ IT! Well, except for 2 subscribers. How do I know? My 'Stats' told me.

How is it that there are 242 subscribers to the eResumes4Vips News, yet open 2 people bothered to open it?

-The Customer is Always Right!

I consulted with a well-known copyright that admonished: "Andre, it's your own Darn Fault! Of course no one is opening your newsletter...the Headline is totally off."

Thinking back, I'd tend to agree. My headline is kinda like a fresh-baked pound cake -- WITHOUT ICING.

-So Here We Go!

I'm revamping, testing, and twisting my headline(s). Hey, a 100% improvement will give me, 4 subscriber opening instead of the current, 2. Subscribers will see this subject line in their email: eResumes4Vips-News #50 -I Admit, I'm Fat!

Hey, whoever said that running an Internet-based business would be easy? Oh yeah...I DID!

OK I Admit -- I'm Fat!

OK, I Admit -- I'm Fat! That's right fat. Chubby, Tubby, rotund, love-handled-extraordinaire. Large!

You see, after listening to Wayne Dyer's, Excuses Begone!, I began to see how I was contributing to my own lack of progress. In the battle of the bulge, that is.

My self-talk consisted of:
I'm not really That Fat.
Yea...but look at that Other Guy!
My Doctor says I'm as healthy as a horse.

However, the fact is that I Am Fat. I've got Man-Boobs. If you were to get a good look at me, you'd say that I'm looking rather well --handsome even. The proof is in the mirror; or even better -- The Shower Test. Nothing and no one else there but Me, Hot Steamy Water, Soapy-Soap, and a Fat & Round midsection.

Another New Year

OK, enough self-deprecation. It's fitting that I address my personal issue with my online audience. It's the Season! After C-Mas, comes resolutions, gym membership sign ups, and guilty sweat outs via jogging after/before hours. Why do I/We do this to ourselves. Year after year...month after after day. It's Insanity!

What I don't need is a plan. A plan to Not get a plan. A Lifestyle change. An overall lifestyle plan to incorporate the guilt pleasures of holiday indulgence coupled with a daily healthy eating and exercise program.

I'm so proud of myself -- Sunday night I drove to the grocery store. Purposely parking in the last section of the last lane of the last spot, I hiked up the half-kilometer hill to enter the store's front door. Calorie-burning...Yes!

Working on My Self-Esteem

Next comes the self-esteem part. Have any of you all eaten out in a restaurant -- pigged out, then later beat yourself over your poor choices? What does that do for us; how did that work out? Did you repeat the indulgence upon your next outing? Of course you did. How doI know? Because I did the same thing.

Once upon a midnight summer's dream,I watched a movie. One of the characters proclaimed:

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry...for tomorrow, We Die!
Those words are very profound and full of truth. As mortal humans, we shall all die (maybe not tomorrow, but one day). Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes that all we have of our vain existence is the fruits of our labor. So True, So True!


Self-acceptance is the bridge to overcoming hidden inadequacy. The road to wellness, begins with the realization that I'm OK! Psychologists, ranging from Dr. Rollo May to Dr. Phil all say the same thing. My favorite psychologist, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, who in fact wasn't a psychologist but an ordained minister, often told people (his readers especially) that we all have greatness within. I truly believe that.

So as I continue along the path of this year's journey,I plan to eliminate the excuses. I will accept myself, plan for success, and love myself for what I am. A Gift from the Divine Almighty. A King, that's what I am. A piece of God's Creation! Be Blessed, All.

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