An Arizona Resume

by Michael Sexton
(Phoenix, AZ, US)


Dear Sir or Ma’am,

I am seeking a full-time job, and believe that my qualifications are a good match for your requirements.

In addition to working as a cashier for over nine years. Most of the time I was promoted to Assistant Manager. My experience includes over six years of military service as a Personnel Administrative Specialist. I am sure you can see how I could be an asset to your company.

I could begin work immediately and my hours are flexible. This seems to work well with the proposed work schedule mentioned in your job posting. If you want to set up an appointment.



Objective: I am a highly organized, detailed oriented individual and would grow with your company.

Computers & Mathematics:
• Consult with managerial or supervisory personnel.

Financial Services:
• Maintain account records, prepare bank deposits, prepare reports, operate bookkeeping machines, and operate business machines.
• Operate calculating devices, authorize credit charges, and compute financial data, process payroll documents, coin, or checks in cash drawer.

General Skills:
• Provide customer service, answer customer or public inquires, complete time or attendance forms, greet customers, guests, visitors, or passengers, file or retrieve paper documents and related materials.
• Consult with customers concerning needs, obtain information from clients, customers, or patients, prepare reports for management, and examine files or documents to obtain information, make presentations.
• Work as a team member, understand technical operating, service or repair manuals.

Management & Office Services:
• Operate scanner, fill money changers in vending machines, explain rules, policies or regulations, develop policies, methods, or standards, dictate correspondence, hire, discharge, transfer, or promote workers.
• Establish employee performance standards
• Evaluate performance of employees or contract personnel.
• Evaluate information from employment interviews
• Recommend purchase or repair of furnishings or equipment
• Select software for clerical actives.

Services & Sales:
• Arrange merchandise display, explain products to customer representatives, maintain customer records
• Identify best product for customer’s needs, take inventory to identify items to be reordered, receive or disburse cash related to payments received.
• Order or purchase supplies, materials or equipment, hand out samples or presents, process orders for merchandise, process returned merchandise, write advertising copy, prepare rental or lease agreement.

Skills Trades:
• Measure, weigh, or count products or materials.

• Requisition stock, materials, supplies or equipment, compare shipment contents to records, read maps, follow traffic law, and verify cargo against shipping papers.
Experience: Cashier/ Clerk
7/02 to 5/09 Superpumper Inc., Scottsdale, AZ
 Gave excellent customer service, Stocked and cleaned shelves. Started on evenings.
 Was promoted to Assistant Manager; did paperwork for the store. Managed the store on weekends.
 Also stocked the walk-in cooler, and made sure that the product was in date and was in code. Also ordered the grocery order and checked it in according to the invoice.
 Also trained several people for the overnight shift and trained then cash register.
 Was transferred to a larger store when that location was sold.
Assistant Manager
6/01 to 7/02 Giant Corp, Phoenix, AZ
 Gave excellent customer service, stocked and cleaned shelves
 Started on 3rd shift, and then went to evenings.
 Was promoted to Assistant Manager; managed store on weekends, supervised three other people, and trained people for the cash register.
 Ordered the grocery order and when it came in checked it in according the the invoice and then stocked it.
Cashier/ Clerk
5/99 to 6/01 Chevron, Phoenix, AZ
 Gave excellent customer service, stocked and cleaned shelves
 Started on 3rd shift then moved to evenings
 Also cleaned the pumps and restocked related items.

Education: Southwest Academy of Technology, Phoenix, AZ
9/88 to 9/89
 Micro Computer Management
 Studied Micro Computer Management as my major and Micro Computer Accounting

References upon request

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