Career Fairs; Love 'em or Hate 'em

by Publisher,

Career Fair -- Who needs 'em? I just finished attending career fair number umpteenth...

Seriously, career fairs are places to go to seek out and get closer to a hiring company concern. We all know that the Decision-Makers are nowhere in sight -- at these events. Still, I believe it's worth attending.

Personally, I've never received nor know of anyone that has received a job as a result of attending a career fair (aka job fair). Yet, I remain a believer.

As a matter of fact, I've put together 7 or 8 playbook strategies for maximizing my career fair success:

1) Select My Top Companies -- Who, Whom, What, Where, and Why should I work for you, Madam Corporate Company? Yep, I'm picky; eager yet not desperate. I do my pre-attendance research first; then I seek out those top companies on my long list (vs the short list).

2) Practice My Pitch -- This could be called my Elevator Speech. Why should You Hire me??? In 15 seconds or less (forget about the old, Because I'm the Best Candidate line).

3) Dress to Impress -- Business formal: Men Suit, white shirt, solid color (matching) tie plus shoes and socks. Ladies Conservative pant suit, blouse and skirt, plus hosiery and pumps (shoes). Don't overdo the makeup and perfume. You're there to catch a job...nothing more.

4) Early Bird -- First in line...period. If the company already has a line, then i come back to them later. Meanwhile, I visit with another (suitable) employer that has a shorter line. Remember, First in Line!

5) Sometimes Ya Get Lucky -- As I said earlier, the Decision-Makers won't be there. Scratch that; sometimes they show up early...on day 1. You know -- a little business with a lot of pleasure type of trip. Ok, then plan accordingly. Go back, re-read, and follow Tip # 4.

6) Don't Get Overloaded -- The pens/pencils/promotionals. All distractions and get in your way. They're trinkets and trash. All you need is your notepad and a pen or pencil.

7) Ask for the Job -- Well, let me clarify. Ask for the interview. Don't worry about being too aggressive. Simply be respectful, courteous, and polite. Yet, don't forget why you came to the career fair in the first place. Oh you've forgotten already? You're There to Get a Job!

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