Don't Die Before Eating Tomato Puddin

by Andre V Milteer, M.A.
(Central Texas, USA)

Aunt Mable's Tomato Puddin

Aunt Mable's Tomato Puddin

Tomato Puddin--yes, puddin without the 'G' is True Love. We're not talking food here...its love. Tomato Puddin is a Southern Comfort that most Westerners have never heard of--much less tasted.

Tomato Puddin is made with tomatoes, of course. However, the real love comes from the butter and sugar. The recipe is somewhat vague...passed down via word-of-mouth from generational woman-to-girl; and girl/woman grown-up to the next little girl within the generational chain. Alas, the Tomato Puddin gets either better or worse, yet never remains the same.

My Mom made her Tomato Puddin starchy and thick. She must've added baker?s yeast or something. Her Tomato Puddin looked like a red Sponge Bob cartoon character. Served up with some boiled white potatoes plus a roasted beef chuck roast, it was a Sunday favorite in my childhood home.

Fast forward to October 2010. I visited my 98 year old aunt...Aunt Mable (my grandmother's sister). During my short visit, Aunt Mable served up broiled chicken wings, butter beans and corn. Dessert was a yellow layer cake with apple jelly icing. But the piece de resistance was...yep, Tomato Puddin.

I feasted upon the meal; Tomato Puddin so hot it burned not only my lip was my throat going down. My only speaking during the feast was Umm, Uhh, Ahh...Pure ecstasy; Pure Love.

Whatever you're doing; wherever you are, STOP! Go back home to your roots. Eat some Tomato Puddin or whatever your Momma cooked up special. Don't Die Before Eating Tomato Puddin!

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