Houston Texas Director of Information and Technology

by Shelley
(Houston, TX, USA)

Houston Texas Director of Information and Technology A Letter from Shelly

I was terminated and given no reason for cause after ten years of service and a position on the executive staff. I understand the employer is not legally required to provide cause in Texas but I have concerns that my prior employer has chosen to portray me negatively. I also believe they may have chosen to intimidate me in order to avoid paying any severance or incur legal actions.

During the ten year length of employment, I received zero negative performance evaluations, annual performance bonuses every year, and a promotion from Director of I.T. Operations to Director of I.T. (the department head position). I managed a budget of approximately $4.2M and stayed within budget every year.

I also helped the organization through two hurricane/tropical storm relief efforts. The latter resulted in no loss of data, no server downtime, and minimal staff downtime while moving staff to secondary locations due to a building loss.

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