How to Apply for Federal Jobs

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How to Apply for Federal Jobs

Don't Disqualify Yourself!

Did you know that when applying for a job on, failure to submit all of the required documents may result in a determination that you are ineligible for a federal job position that you may very well qualify for?

There is a short list of documents that is essential for job application submissions on Such as:

*Resume - This is required for all applications. Resumes displays where you've been and WHY you are qualified for the position.

*Online Assessment Questionaire - This is used to measure your qualifications for the job.

*Declaration for Federal Employment (OF-306) - The information collected on this form is used to determine your acceptability for Federal employment.

*College or Vocational Training Transcript - If the position has an education requirement, then a transcript must be provided.

*DD-214 - Veterans must provide copies of their DD-214 (Certificate of Release from Active Duty) to verify dates of service and character of discharge.

*SF-15 - The application for 10 Point Veterans Preference is needed for disabled Veterans ansd other Veterans eligible for 10 point preference.

*SF-50 - This form is required for all applicants. Remember to provide a copy of your last or most recent SF-50. Provide a SF-50 that includes your title, series, and grade.

*Current Federal Employees - A copy of your most recent performance appraisal is required.

*Licensure or Certificate Requirement - Ensure that your license and/or certification is included with your job submission on USAJOBS,gov.

*ICTAP CTAP Eligibility - State clearly on your application package that you are applying as a CTAP or ICTAP eligible. Among other documents, be sure to include a copy of the agency notice stating that you are on the ICTAP/CTAP list.

*Special Appointing Authority - You will need to provide proof that you are eligible under a special appointing authority.

Bottomline: Stop and make sure that you've submitted everything needed for a complete USAJOBS application package. Failure to do so may result in a missed opportunity.

=========================================== is the U.S. Government's official system/program for Federal jobs and employment information.

USAJOBS delivers a service by which Federal agencies meet their legal obligation (5 USC 3327 and 5 USC 3330) providing public notice of Federal employment opportunities to Federal employees and U.S. citizens.

Technology and program operations offer Federal agencies and job seekers a modern platform to support online recruitment and job application.

USAJOBS is funded by agency fees, assessed on a prorata share of the expenses to run the program. The investment provides a basis of support for the OPM Director's Strategic and Operational Plan specifically To Build and Sustain Excellence in the 21st Century Workforce, thereby Fixing Federal Hiring.

Success and continued progress of goals are tied to the USAJOBS application and its ability to manage integration of other agency systems with USAJOBS - OMB Memo M-09-20 to Provide Applicant Status during selection process.

Also, other initiatives intended to address the Federal hiring shortcomings and improve the hiring process for all concerned.

== End of How to Apply for Federal Jobs ==

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