I Have a Dream for the Martin Luther King Holiday

by Publisher, eResumes4Vips.com
(Central Texas, USA)

I'm celebrating the King Holiday 2011. In one of my earlier blog posts, I wrote about one of Dr. King's speeches:

Our work is to feed the belief and the hope. Translation: The Dream! Famous philosophers, politicians, civic leaders, and military generals have all spoken and acted upon the faith and confidence of their Big Dream. Dr. Martin Luther King said, "I Dream of a day when little black boys and girls will play together with little white boys and girls."

Of course, the work must continue. Yet I want to address an issue that has left a small lump in my throat. Specifically, it concerns The King Holiday.

All over America, Modern-day citizens of color will see this day as a reprieve from their income-producing gig. Oh sure, there will be speeches, and picnics, and some serious TV watching. But it be akin to our observance of Christmas...on a smaller scale. The reason for the season.

What's the Big deal about King's day?

The King holiday is a 20th Century phenomenon; a civil observance if modern day magnamity. I myself was a young boy, in the 70's, when the President signed the bill officially designating King Day as a Federal Holiday. Sadly, it took another +20 years for a majority of states to mark the observance. Private industry...well, that's another story.

Fast forward to 2011. Business observe the holiday only upon being forced to. Whether by public scrutiny -- or by some federal contractural mandate. I know personally of one regional bank in Texas that observes the holiday due to federal regulation. it's non-bank subsidiaries continue with "business as usual." Shame On Them. 

Persons of Color neglect to teach their children of the King Dream...civil disobedience for the greater good. Even the celebrations are watered-down -- weak-in-the-knee stuff. Local speakers, usually preachers, provide the inspirational messages of Dr. King. Personally, I'd love to hear a Congressman, Governor, Billionaire, or a member of Royalty deliver the tribute.

Where Do We Go from Here?

The revolution will not be televised, goes the lyrics of Gil Scott Heron's song. However, we're living in the digital age. We can televise the message. I Can, You Can, We Can!

In this lifetime, the people have the power. What people? You & I; the ones that read, speak, do, act, and participate. This Day, is not a simple day. It is Our day!

Are you Caucasian? King's day is Your Day. Asian --Your Day.

Color/Negro/African-American...your day as well.

Reflecting on Dr. King's message, his dream was for all to come together. Not only for Blacks...for all.

Dr. Martin Luther King said, "I Dream of a day when little black boys and girls will play together with little white boys and girls." 

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