International College Student Resume

by Songeeta Changmai

Educational qualification
H.S.L.C:- First division 77.16%
H.S:- First division 60%
Graduation:- First class 60.2% (Major in Geology)
M.Sc.:- presently pursuing..

Field experiences
1) In and around Tiruchirapally (significance - palaeontological)
2) In the Makum Coal Fields (significance - economic geological)
3) In the Effluent Treatment Plant (E.T.P) of O.N.G.C (significance - environmental geological)
4) In and around Mawphlong, Shillong (significance - structural geological)
5) In and around Chandrapur-Panikhaiti area, Guwahati (significance - geomorphological)

Seminars presented
1) Mass wasting classification
2) Textures and structures of metamorphic rock
3) Seismic exploration and seismic stratigraphy

Certificate received from the Training and Development department of Oil India Limited (O.I.L) for successful completion of summer internship

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