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It's Your Attitudes + The Choices You Make

by Pamela S. Davison
(Sydney, Nova Scotia)

Pamela S. Davison

Pamela S. Davison

It's Your Attitudes + The Choices You Make That = The Life YOU Create!

NO ONE is better than YOU and you are no better than ANYONE! It's all a choice to BE...To better one's self through love for a higher power, ourselves, family and friends. It is our goal in life not to judge or point fingers at people for what happens to us.

If someone did something and it was out of your control, once you realize this, Think...Can this be fixed? What have I learned from this situation.

Letting Go

LEARNING to let go is easier said than done because we hesitate -- thinking that the other person needs another chance. To help the other person is to show them you care. If it was unintentional, but on the other hand -- if it was intentional, they can't get away with their behavior.

Or are you giving them more energy and power to do it to you over and over again; as well as to other people too. If the person is sincere, then try and help them (if it's appropriate).

And if they don't want your help, then learn to let go. You will become stronger and wiser and have more peace once the dust settles. The other person will realize that they can no longer fool everyone...and not even themselves.

Concern for Others

Self preservation and sympathy for another -- that hurts you. There is a very fine line to staying around that person. The One that is making you suffer. It's likely that that person is suffering in another way and that is how they react to situations and life.

Lack of a better way; or by ATTITUDE and/or CHOICE! If you let the other person get away with it, they will have a FALSE EGO and a FALSE POWER that does not truly

belong to them...once you take it away from them.

You (or We) give power to them...and if they don't change, by you letting go, you have then changed and respected yourself. You don't have to take any abusive treatment from anyone.

Some will realize and perhaps improve or change for the better with sincerity; while others will pretend or hide or lie about the changes in order to string you along. Be aware of this! Be the change you want to see in others and be the example to be learned from. With kindness and assertiveness -- when needed.

Ego and Self-Respect

This may or may not help the other person to learn, depending on their ego, and if they can learn to let go enough to improve. If you don't respect yourself, the other person hurting you sure isn't. So learn to let go.

It's who and what we keep in our lives and who and what we let go of, that makes our life better and better for the ones we love around us!

Think of it this way, no matter who hurt you, you have planted a seed in that person. In that in helping them, someone else will water and give sunlight to them -- to make a full circle change within them.

On the other hand, the person that hurt you, has planted a seed of change in you...to learn your next lesson. How good we are at learning these lessons, depends on us. When the clinging ceases, the pain will end. And on to the next lesson.
Pamela Davison Studied Business at Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology. She Lives in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Readers are invited to Visit Ms Davison's Facebook Fan Page, INSPIRATION SENSATION, to learn more about these Truthful Life lessons. -Article Published with Permission. Copyright Pamela S. Davison, 2011.

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Please contact me :(
by: Anonymous


value yourself
by: gaynor.d

this article is just what i needed to confirm i deserve more from relationships and should accept nothing less than i think i am worth and if i dont value myself nobody else will thankyou x

Looking in the mirror....
by: Anonymous

Wonderful site <3 <3 <3 and so insightful :) Alot of people live most of their lives without recognizing or experienceing the control they have over their own destiny :)

Thanks Pamela and Congratulations :)

Very soon!
by: Pamela Davison

My next article is in the works! :)

We Want More!
by: Publisher

My Site visitors are asking, When is Pam's next article going to be published? So...when will you be feeding us?

Thank you Brenda!!!
by: Pamela Davison

You are a major inspiration to me too Gemini Sistah!!! ( :

I always look forward to your writing... it's amazing to say the least! You have made a huge impact on my life! Love ya girl

by: Anonymous


You are a wise soul and inspire me. Reading your page makes me want to be a better person and touches my heart. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing and giving it back to the world!


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