Journeyman Painter Generalist Resume

by Kevin Perez
(Alexandria, VA, USA)

Who Am I: I am a friendly, loyal and clearly dedicated individual who has an ambition to succeed in any given environment.

Although I have extensive experience with fast-food restaurant service and painting contractor companies, my work ethic demostrates superior customer service skills.

Work history: Responsibilities include preparing work areas prior to painting operations. This may include washing, scraping, sanding, torching or taping to help smooth interior and exterior surfaces before the actual painting starts. Also, I'm responsible for setting up scaffolding, ladders and planks in my work areas.

Professional Technical Skills:

Colors - Understanding color and color combinations is a basic step in becoming a good painter. Mixing colors can be quite challenging, especially if you're a beginner.

Brushwork techniques - for every beginner painter, it's absolutely essential to master the basic brushwork techniques. You should learn how to hold the brush (and also how not to hold it), how to load the paint correctly, various stroke techniques, how to use different techniques for different effects, and more.

Understanding composition - good composition is crucial to creating good paintings. When composition is done badly, people notice it. It is extremely important to know how to arrange elements with paints; how to create symmetry, balance, on the paint.

Honors and Awards:
*Three year Marine Corp Junior ROTC certificate of completion.
*Three Year Member of the 30/30 club.
*Marine Corp Junior ROTC Certificate, "Best Squad Leader, Paris Island S.C. Training Center.

Languages: Expert Fluency in both Spanish and English (speaking, reading, and writing comprehension).

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