Live Your Dreams: Goal Setting Tips

by Joan Breiner, M.Ed. & Susyn Reeve, M.Ed.

Your dreams can become a reality by using these tips for setting goals, as you improve your self-esteem and nourish a positive attitude.

Do you have a dream or a vision for your life? Have you identified the thoughts and feelings that will allow your dream to come to form? Not having a vision, dream, or goal for yourself is like being on a boat with no destination in mind, drifting aimlessly wherever the wind and currents take you.

Often people with a negative attitude and low self-esteem feel they have no impact on their destiny. They spend time reacting to life as opposed to creating the life they desire. Setting goals for yourself puts you in control, sets your course - you choose the direction for your life. When you have a clear focus, you have less stress, more self-confidence, improved concentration and greater peace and happiness.

You are responsible for your life, not your husband, not your parents, not your boss, not your friends. This recognition puts you in the captain's seat and automatically builds self- esteem.

There are different types of goals. Life Goals are the general desires and big dreams that you want to achieve during your lifetime, such as a fulfilling job, financial security, a beautiful home. Action Goals are measureable, specific goals related to time-specific events - the "stepping stones" leading you towards your life goal. For example: You may desire to have a fulfilling job in an exciting field, and to reach this goal you must first complete the specific action goal of finishing the necessary schooling.

Remember: Since you don?t know how long your life will be ? if you aren?t focused on your Life Goals each day and if your Action Goals don?t relate to your Life Goals then it will very hard for you to be successful in accomplishing your Life Goals. This is why is it so empowering to first identify your Life Goals and then determine your Action Goals.

It is crucial that you have strong desire and passion for any Life Goals you set for yourself. They shouldn?t be based on what other people think you ought to do. If you are not absolutely passionate about the goal, vision, or dream, then you will be easily discouraged and more likely to lose your focus and quit as soon as you are faced with obstacles and challenges.

Remember: Blocks and Obstacles give you the opportunity to survey the territory and strengthen your commitment to your goals.

Once you define your vision, imagine yourself living your life with your Life Goal fully accomplished. Does it make you feel excited and energized or tired and overwhelmed? Ask yourself, "If I could have it, would I take it?" If your answer is, ?No,? then adjust your goal until you are able to answer this question with a resounding, ?Yes.? Then Go For It!

Live Your Dreams - Goal-Setting Process:

1. Identify your dreams, visions, goals: Answer the following questions:
a. What do I want?
b. What would I like my obituary to say about my life?
c. What?s on my ?bucket list? of things I would like to do, accomplish in my life?
d. What is my heart song?

2. Ask the Test Question ? If I could have it, would I take it? Adjust your goal until you can answer the test question with a resounding, YES.

3. Affirm your dreams, vision, goals: Create the following:
a. Affirmations written in the present tense reinforcing your desired result: I have a loving, supportive, nourishing relationships with my family. I am healthy in my mind body spirit. I am financially secure.
b. A Vision Board Collage of images and words that represent your vision fully accomplished. Look at your Vision Board daily to connect your heart and mind with your hearts? desire.

4. List the thoughts, feelings, words and actions that support the full accomplishment of your goals.

5. Specify Action Goals including specific deadlines.

6. Take Action in your thoughts, words and behavior that reflect your commitment to your vision.

7. Acknowledge Success along the way. When you acknowledge your success along the way you energetically nourish yourself and deepen and expand your focus on your desired result.

8. Create and Adjust make adjustments to your Action Goals as you become aware of new information along the way.

9. Allow Success demonstrate your faith by affirming your desired result before you can even see it.

10. Ask for Support and help when you become unsure of success and are discouraged by obstacles and challenges.

Remember: Allow time for setting your Life Goals. Once you know what you want, and your heart and mind are aligned the next steps will present themselves and your actions will naturally support your hearts? desire. Your main tasks in living your dreams is to define your goals, have faith in your ability to be successful and take actions in your thinking, feeling, speaking and behavior that reflect your hearts? desire.

By Joan Breiner, M.Ed. & Susyn Reeve, M.Ed., the Official Guides to Attitude (Nov 29 2009 - 2:04pm)

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