Make Your Next Million-Dollar Idea a Reality

by Success Magazine
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

(NewsUSA) - How often do you have a great idea, only to leave it sitting on the back burner? Worse, how often do you see someone take an idea similar to yours, start a business and create their fortune? Well, the time has come for you to stop kicking yourself and to turn that million-dollar idea into a reality.

Most entrepreneurs follow similar paths to success. Sara Blakely, entrepreneur and founder of the multi-million dollar company Spanx, shared her keys to success in an interview with SUCCESS, a top magazine for budding entrepreneurs and established professionals. How can you turn your next idea into a million-dollar business? Follow Blakely's advice:

Differentiate yourself from the crowd. "Whether it's in the marketplace or in those first few seconds you meet somebody -- whatever it is -- if you don't know how it has been done before, you're almost guaranteed to do it differently," says Blakely.

First impressions mean everything. "If you make someone laugh or smile in the first five to 10 seconds, you might get another 10 seconds," she says.

Be persistent. Work hard to win over manufacturers and prospective buyers who may be unsure about your idea or product. If you display enthusiasm and desire for your idea, they will begin to believe, too.

Visualize your goals. "Take a mental snapshot of what success looks like for you," she says. Keeping that vision of success in mind will help you through the tough times.

Pay attention to opportunities. "There are a million ways to improve everything around us," says Blakely. Making just one improvement could result in your million-dollar idea.

Hire your weakness. Focus on your strengths, and hire well-qualified people to handle the rest.

For more on Blakely's interview with SUCCESS magazine, pick up a copy at newsstands, or subscribe by visiting their Web site at

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