My Student Resume

by Sarah Kitchener
(Somewhere in the USA)

My Student Resume

- To obtain a part time position to develop experience in customer service

- Currently in grade 10 at St. Mary's High School, working towards a high school diploma
- Stanley Park Senior Public School (2007 ? 2008)
- Franklin Public School (1999 ? 2006)

Work Experience
- Babysitting (2009 ? Present)

Volunteer Experience
- Score keeping at wrestling tournaments (2007 ? Present)
- Serving food at wrestling tournaments (2007 ? Present)
- Babysitting extended family members (2008 ? Present)
- Helping various middle schools at wrestling practices (2011 ? Present)

Work Related Skills
- I am an honest, reliable, dependable person
- I am very loyal and committed to what I do
- I am a very hard working person
- I am motivated and enthusiastic about what I do
- I am friendly, polite and respectful to everyone
- I am prompt and sincere
- I know my strengths, weaknesses, and how to improve them
- I work well with everyone, and I can easily perform tasks on my own

- Verbal fluency: French, English
- Written: French, English

- All sports, but mainly wrestling
- Spending time with my family
- Skiing

References Available Upon Request

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