Rags To Riches- A Case Study

by Kaanan, M.
(Salem, India)

I shall tell you my success story in this article. This explains how anyone can climb from rags to riches.

Basically I am a chemist and a chemical engineer by academic qualifications. I did my education from top class colleges. I was good in extra curricular activities.

I did a lot of extra learning. I learnt bioenergetics, energy treatment, numerology, astrology, and Lecher Antenna vibrational measurements.

I was doing chemical business. In 2006/2007 the markets became tough and I had a lot of unhealthy competition. My income became less and less and I was about to give up. I thought what else I could do. I was good with marketing.

In 2008 I had a stint with Gold Quest for multilevel marketing. After working hard for 4 months I understood it was a scam. Fortunately I had not taken orders from any clients. I had a feeling that they would not be able to continue the work. Yes. They were not capable to fetch more clients from their side.

Therefore it will be a loss for them...

Soon after that thousands of Gold Quest clients filed cases against Gold Quest and it became widely known that it was a huge scam. I had lost my investments in Gold Quest. I had lost the value for my 4 months’ hard work. This made me think. Scam or not Gold Quest was able to mint money through their online websites.

This opened my eyes to the potential of internet websites. Why can’t I create some honest websites and make money? This was the thought which occurred to me.

Immediately I set myself to create a web site and the
New Treatment for Diabetes Types was born. To learn more, @ please email me. Yours, Kannan.

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