Resume for a California Marine Corps Non-Commissioned Officer Preparing to Transition into Criminal Justice Career Field

by Brittany Wilson
(Camp Pendleton, CA, USA)

Resume for a California Marine Corps Non-Commissioned Officer Preparing to Transition into Criminal Justice Career Field

Objective: Marine Corps (active-duty) Non-Commissioned Officer preparing to embark a challenging transition into the career field of criminal justice and law enforcement.

Education: 2009-2010 Central Texas College Camp Hansen, Okinawa, AA General Studies

ENGL 1301 composition 1 A
GOVT 2301 American Government I A
GOVT 2302 American Government II B
CJCR 2324 Community Resources in Corrections A
KINE ELEC Physical Education A
CRJ 216 Police Org & Admin B
CRJ 110 Intro to Law Enforcement A
CRIJ 1301 Introduction to Criminal Justice B
IAUM ELEC Motor Vehicle Operations
IAUM ELEC Mechanical Maintenance
KINE 1125 Physical Conditioning
OPEN ELEC Land Navigation & Tactical Operation
AATM ELEC Truck Driving
ATAM ELEC Personal Finance
MTMS ELEC Leadership
ATCJ ELEC Report Writing
ATCJ ELEC Corrections
OPEN ELEC Intro to Education
OPEN ELEC Counseling Principles & Education
OPEN ELEC Marksmanship

2009- present United States Marine Corp
Basic Pay and Allow 2011/07/06 A
USMC Cyber Awareness 2011/03/10 A
Inspect/Repair M9 Pistol 2010/06/23 A
Pistol Marksmanship 2010/06/23 A
Counseling for Marines 2010/06/23 A
Funds Diesel Engines 2010/05/26 A
Semper Fit 2010/05/26 A
Principle Instruction For NCO 2010/05/26 A
Corrections 2010/02/18 A
MP Interview Forms 2010/02/17 A
Dispatch Procedures 2010/02/17 A
Terror Aware 2010/02/01 A
Leading Marines 2010/01/27 A
Personal Finance 2010/01/27 A
Terror Aware (WEB) 2009/11/30 A
Escort of Convoy 2009/10/01 A
Base Defense 2009/09/30 A

Fall 2008 Chattahoochee Valley Community College Phenix City, Al
Working on Criminal Justice Degree
Fall 2008
Intro to Law Enforcement A
Intro to Criminal Justice B
Police Organization & Administration B
English 101 B

2004-2008 Smiths Station High School Smiths, Al
Advanced Diploma
Spring 2008 GPA-2.75
English 12 CP 76/C
USMC LE-7 96/A
Chemistry 75/C
Economics/Government 84/B
Scored a 19 on ACT in February 2008
English 19
Usage/Mechanics 08
Rhetorical Skills 11
Mathematics 19
Pre-Algebra/Elem. Algebra 09
Algebra/Coord. Geometry 10
Plane Geometry/Trig. 11
Reading 19
Social Studies/Sciences 08
Arts/Literature 11
Science 20
Combined English/Reading 18
Writing 06
Fall 2007 GPA-3.50
Spanish 2 92/A
Pre-Calculus 85/B
USMC LE-6 97/A
Humanities DL 90/A
Spring 2007 GPA-3.75
Anatomy & Physiology 92/A
Algebra II with Trig 88/B
USMC LE-5 90/A
Business Tech. Essent. 95/A
Fall 2006 GPA-3.50
English 11 CP 84/B
USMC LE-4 93/A
Cross Country 100/A
US History 1877-Present 82/A
Took the PSAT/NMSQT on October 18,2006 and scored
Selection Index- 135
Critical Reading- 52
Writing Skills-43
Spring 2006 GPA-3.60
English 10 CP 93/A
Biology 1 Honors 90/A
USMC LE-3 82/B
Health 99/A
Drivers Ed. Practice 96/A
Fall 2005 GPA-3.00
Spanish 1 76/C
Geometry 91/A
US History To 1877 86/B
Accounting Principle 84/B
Spring 2005 GPA-3.75
English 9 CP 91/A
Algebra 1-B 93/A
Physical Science 90/A
USMC LE-2 87/B
Fall 2004 GPA-3.75
World History Post-1500 90/A
Algebra 1-A 90/A
USMC LE-1 88/B
Fitness & Wellness 92/A

Professional 12/29/08 - present United States Marine Corps USA
Experience Headquarters Battalion 1stMARDIV 08/18/2011-present
Headquarters Battalion 3rdMARDIV 08/26/2009-07/23/2011
HQCO 4thMar 07/13/2009-07/15/2009
US Army Trng ctr 05/07/2009-06/30/2009
School of Infantry 04/07/2009-05/06/2009
Marine boot camp 12/29/2008-03/27/2009

1/8/07-9/25/08 Carl Gregory Dodge Columbus, GA
Filing Services
Answering phones
Once a year parts inventory

Volunteer work 7 hours of community service for driving for Young Marines 2010 Oct 9
38 hours of Community Service for Operation Goodwill during 2009
Participated in ACES-Fish camp at Auburn University, July 9-13, 2007
3.5 hours of Community Service for SSHS during the Fall of 2004


Extracurricular Showing my barrel horse between the months of March and September 2007-2008.
Activities Participated in 4-H state championship show, 2001
Place 8th in the judging class
AQHA Sate Horse Show Awards
2001 Pony Halter Large Division 6th Place
2000 Walk-Trot Pony Division 3rd Place
Pleasure Pony Division 4th Place
1999 Pony Halter Large Division 9th Place
Walk-Trot Pony Division 9th place
1998 Pony Walk-Trot 10th Place

Awards received Marine Corps Awards
1 Meritorious Mast for Volunteer cleanup after Typhoon Songa struck Okinawa 2011 Jun 15
1 Certificate for Completion M-ATV OPNET Course (40 hr) 2010 Mar 25
1 Certificate of Completion Combat Life Saver Course 2009 Oct 6-8
1 Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
2 Sea Service Deployment Ribbon
1 National Defense Service Medal

1 Distinguished Scholastic Achievement Award
2 Drill Team Awards
2 Color Guard Awards
3 Distinguished Conduct Awards
3 Physical Achievement Awards
1 Athletic Participation Award
2 Longevity/Fidelity Awards
2 Super Squad Awards

Completed 3.5 yrs of MCJROTC May 2008
7 Jan 2008 - 23 May 2008 Leadership Education VII 124 Hours
9 Aug 2007 - 20 Dec 2007 Leadership Education VI 124 Hours
4 Jan 2007 - 25 May 2007 Leadership Education V 124 Hours
7 Aug 2006 - 21 Dec 2006 Leadership Education IV 124 Hours
4 Jan 2006 - 22 May 2005 Leadership Education III 123 Hours
7 Jan 2005 - 20 May 2005 Leadership Education II 124 Hours
4 Aug 2004 - 16 Dec 2004 Leadership Education I 123 Hours

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