Resume for a Soon-to-Be High School Graduate with Restaurant Management Potential

by Sheila Mackall
(Severn, MD, USA)

Resume for a Soon-to-Be High School Graduate with Restaurant Management Potential

2011-Present Jonny Rockets Severn, MD

• Starting off at the job, in training I was a hostess and a shake maker for the servers.
• While hosting, I cleaned off all tables that were already used, that had food and left over’s on them.
• I greeted the customers at the door, and asked them how was they’re day, and how many people did they have with them.
• Now I am currently a server.
• Peoples person, I work well with people because at Jonny Rockets I deal with customer’s everyday.
• I’m also good with my words, and persuading people.

2006-2009 Macarthur Middle School Severn, MD

• I was on the step team, called “Righteous Steppers”
• I was secretary of the SGA, we would have meetings everyday after school, and we host events for the school. For example: school dances, class fundraisers, field trips, etc.
• I was also student ambassador; I basically worked under the principle. Like a young Vice Principle.
• I played in the band for 1 year.
2009-2011 Meade Senior High School Severn, MD

• I am the co-captain of the Meade High Steppers; I help out with the other captains. I make up steps for my squad. Place events for my team to step at.
• I have four classes: English, History, AP Environmental, and College Algebra.
• I am a junior, class of 2013.
• I also attend this school called CATN which stands for Center Of Applied Technology North.
• At CATN I am taking a culinary arts class, for cooking.

REFERENCES: Available upon request

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