The Inside Secret to How I Lost My Mind at the 2008 Dallas Texas MMI

by Andre V Milteer M.A.
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

Andre V. Milteer (M.A.)

Andre V. Milteer (M.A.)

Wow, What can I say? April 17, 2008, Dallas Texas...

My Entire Mindset about Money, Wealth, and Prosperity changed in the Most Radical Way! Things, Thoughts, and Feelings, unbeknowst to me, became self-evident through a Cataclysmic weekend attendance to Peak Potential's Millionaire Mind Intensive.

Before I get to the seminar details and experience, allow me to offer a short prelude. The real story began on my 48th birthday, January 24th of Year 2008. While perusing the books at Casey Memorial Library, Fort Hood Texas, I spotted a featured book amongst a cacaphony of 20 other featured books as displayed on a prominent shelf. That book was, of course, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (written by T. Harv Eker).

I checked out the book...amazingly, 1/4th of the book's contents was devoured in my '97 Ford Explorer SUV before I even departed from the public library parking lot. One and one-half days later, the entire (200 page) book had been read. My thirst for more millionaire-mind-knowledge had yet to be quenched. My Soul, Mind, and Body wanted more...Much More.

As luck would have it, a little voice within my spirit, suggested that I watch a little TV to relax my thoughts. P.B.S., Channel 46, call letters KNCT. A small community college, public broadcasting station would surely be soothing/relaxing/low-key. After all, how dull and boring was a National Geographic or 'Paint-by-the-Numbers' program...or so I thought.

The P.B.S. broadcasted show featured a 40-50ish man. He spoke to a (pre-taped) audience of a Well-to-Do looking slice of Americana...400 persons or so. The featured speaker kept repeating the mantra: "Stop Ordering Chicken! Stop ordering chicken...stop ord.... chick..."

What was THAT all about? Egads, it was that Millionaire-Mind Guy. It was that mumbo-jumbo money talk.

What Happened to My Mind Thereafter

There I was...glued to his every word. Returning back to the book after pinging off of the television broadcast, I found about Harv Eker's seminar (as produced by (c)Peak Potentials). The seminar was $1,295. I Didn't Have the Money; How Could I Get It?

Harv teaches that The Universe wants us to have...we simply must ask for it. Not so much like the Movie, The Secret, Eker teaches that when our WHYs are big enough, the HOWs are Easy!
Going back to the book (Secrets of the Millionaire Mind), I found a seminar coupon. 'Aha, betcha the seminar is in Los Angeles (CA)., Chicago (IL), or someplace like that.' Yes, those locations were on tap for seminar hosting.

But wait, there's Dallas, Texas (150 miles from my house). Some 'PERSON' had ripped the coupon's ad-code from the book's coupon page. With desperation, I telephoned the Peak Potential's Vancouver Canada H.Q. Success; the Service rep cut me a break.

Here's the deal...I simply said, 'I have the book, but have misplaced my ad-code reference number.' Did I lie; technically no...Afterall, I had the book on Loaner from the public library for 2 weeks...

Final Result: How I Gained a Millionaire Mind...

Long story, short...I signed-up (for free) and attended the 3-day event at the Dallas Anatole Hotel. The Grand ballroom was packed to capacity; +800 persons. Some Mega-Rich; some rich; most were (like me) wannabe rich. In the end, (c)Peak Potentials gave me the Keys to the Vault. I was Re-Educated; money and wealth is about giving and receiving. I receive when I create Over-Powering value to and for others.

I gained the following benefits:
1. A New Money {DNA} Blueprint.
2. Met New {Powerful} Friends; Some were Multi-Millionaires.
3. Admitted to being 'Sick and Tired of being sick and tired of eating Restaurant Chicken.
4. What does it take to increase my money level (income and net worth)?

In end, here is The Secret: What the World Needs Now, is...MONEY! With Love, Compassion, and Gratitude, all of us as members of the Human Community (including Squidooers) must dedicate our time, talent, and MONEY to solve the issues of Starvation, Medical, Civil Rights, and the preservation of Mother Earth's environment.

Thank-you, T.Harv Eker and (c)Peak Potentials.

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MMI 2011
by: Publisher

Attended the 2011 New & Improved MMI 2.0 in Austin, Texas. WOW!

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