The Marathon Runner and the Entrepreneur

by Nathan M. Richardson
(Suffolk, VA, USA)

Nathan Richardson, Poet-Publisher, SC Publishing

Nathan Richardson, Poet-Publisher, SC Publishing

Being an entrepreneur is much like being a marathon runner. And for as many who make the claim that they are great runners, even more claim they could run their own businesses if they only had the chance and the money.

Too much reliance on past experience, is what has likely fooled so many former high school and college track stars into believing they have what it takes to run the big race.

Becoming an entrepreneur, like becoming a marathon runner is something altogether different than running any shorter distance.

The marathoner, runs for the love of running and because of his competitive nature, runs every day; regardless of the weather and regardless of whether he’s in the mood or whether his feet have stop hurting from yesterday’s run.

Likewise, the true entrepreneur relishes every opportunity, each workplace and each workday like a new road course designed to test and strengthen his endurance.

Endurance of course, is what separates the average runner from the marathoner and likewise the average employee from the entrepreneur. The athlete who sits around week after week, month after month, punching the clock, counting the hours, till the coach hollers "hit the showers," will likely not be mentally or physically ready for the race.

He will likely be out of breath, bent over and limping from stomach and leg cramps before the midway point.

And it is here, in the workplace, where we find so many of these washed up track-stars bragging about their glory days...claiming the ability to rise up at a moment’s notice. To take the lead and run the business uphill faster and better than its currently running.

It’s an unlikely scenario for anyone who has ever tried getting up and running around a true city block after 2 years of sitting on a couch watching Oprah. The physical and psychological battles that zap the motivation of a runner during practice are only amplified during the actual race.

Every day is a new training session for your ultimate objective. The military has a saying; "A Soldier must sweat during peace-time to avoid bleeding in battle." That would be as graphically blunt as I can put it.

I implore you now -- to Think like an Entrepreneur and keep running like a Marathoner. The finish line takes priority over the clock.

There are no difficult bosses, no co-workers you can’t stand, no office rumors about you kissing behind, no one who got your raise, no Mexican about to steal your job and there are no Barefoot Kenyans about to win this marathon!

There will always be another mile to go or another lesson to learn. Yet YOU will always be Your Own Toughest Competition.

About the Author:
Nathan M. Richardson is a Poet, Author, and Founder of Spiritual Concepts Publishing. Based in Suffolk, Va, Mr Richardson conducts writing and poetry workshops, keynote speaking, and is often employed as a consultant for numerous organizations and institutions.

To learn more about Nathan Richardson, visit his SC Publishing Website, view his YouTube Channel, LinkedIn, or contact him via the hyperlink below this page.

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Life Ain't a Race, It's A...
by: Andre V. Milteer, M.A.

Mr Richardson,

I really appreciate your article. When I, myself, decided to dip my toe into the Internet marketing and publishing genre, I immediately met with desperation, dispair, disqualification, and doubtfulness. No GRQ (get-rich-quick) here. But...

What I've discovered is this: Once I turned right, and traveled down --The Road Less Traveled -- I found a New ME! A Me that's more patient, more enduring, more endearing, and a ME that's more appreciative.

True-that, Mr Richardson...The Life of an Entrepreneur is one of Marathon proportions. Thanks again. ~AVM

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