Why Should I Care about Aiding the Japanese Tsunami Relief?

by Publisher, eResumes4Vips.com
(Texas, USA)

Andre V Milteer, M.A.

Andre V Milteer, M.A.

Make No Mistake...you read right. The headline (rhetorical) question is/was: Why should I care about...

One of my favorite blogs, JapanCinema.net, is an Asian/Anime film review site.

This week (March 15 -20) the site is sponsoring a Blog-a-thon to raise funds for the latest natural disaster. Unless you've been hiding under a rock, all have heard or read about the 2011 Japanese Tsunami. Not to mention the Nuclear power plant's meltdown and all.

JapanCinema is encouraging Bloggers to write a related article, make a PayPal donation to the Relief Effort, and grab a URL linkback to their Alexa highly-rated Top 1% website.

Ok, What's in It for Me?

Right now, Y'all are thinking, What a Selfish Jerk! Well U R Correct. 'I AM a Selfish Jerk!' The principles of giving, after all, are a Selfish Act.

We goad ourselves into thinking --out loud--that we care and give generously because we are connected as humans. To a small degree, I support that ideology. But...

I find that the Most Generous Givers, are the Most Selfish. They Give for Selfish reasons.

Giving Makes Me Feel...

When I help people, I Feel Good! Soul Singer, James Brown, said it best. I Feel Good!

Whenever, I am in a position, physically and financially to give or help, I feel good...No, I feel powerful. I feel God-Like.

The Japanese Need Help!

Forget this self-effacy debate; this philosophical dribble. The tsunami victims Don't care Why I or You give or help. They are suffering; cold, desperate, destitute, and demoralized.

If you feel pity -- GIVE! Selfish ego-stroking (as do I)--GIVE! A religious attonement for a vow of holiness? GIVE? It doesn't matter...GIVE.

Follow this link to a dedicated Japan Relief PayPal donation page for your favorite help organization...

Giving -- Is Such a Selfish Thing to Do!

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Gutsy But True!
by: Anonymous

U R correct...the people need our financial help. Even if selfish people like you give, the important thing is to simply give.

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