You're Already Successful, Silly!

by Lisa Irby

You're Already Successful, Silly!
By Irby

You hear the word "success" on a regular basis. People use it in reference to jobs, relationships, sports, and even to measure someone's life as a whole.

We are all successful in some way, shape or form. It's just that some people may succeed in one area while others succeed in another. The problem comes in when we play the comparison game.

How many times have you thought about a friend who possesses something you would like to have, and believed they were more successful than you because of it? Perhaps it even made you feel like a failure because you don't feel you measure up.

My question to you is, "Why are you using THEIR life as a benchmark to measure your own?"

Even though we may not be aware of this, we are often taught to define our own success in life by comparing ourselves to other people. It's great to admire someone for what they've done, but don't discount yourself in the process. People also tend to look at success as a black and white term - either you are or you aren't.

Success can come in all different areas of your life. Maybe you're a great father, cook or friend. Perhaps you have the gift of being a good listener and encouraging others when they are down. That's YOUR success story.

I am not the best public speaker, or the best athlete. I'm also not the best cook or the best gardener. However, as I've gone through life, I've found things that I am good at and focus on them instead of comparing myself to others.

I am a great writer and have a gift for helping people create and make money with their websites online. That's one of the things I enjoy doing and it makes me happy.

We all have a success story inside of us, and I challenge you to find yours and *OWN* it. It's what makes you, YOU! When you already believe you are successful, your perspective in life changes for the better.

Here's to your success! *cheers*

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