Electrician Resume

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An Electrician Resume is nothing to play with...

This technical resume sample involves piecing together lots of loose ends. One must be Grounded to generate a really electrifying Electrician-resume.

George Clooney
1400 E Ave H, # 72
Darfur, West Sudan (Africa)
(001) 234-5678 mobile

An Electrifying Electrician Resume for George Clooney

Sample Electrician Resume


  • 17 year Journeyman Electrician, with extensive professional experience with Large Commercial as well as residential electrical workmanship.
  • Expert with wiring diagram schematics, fire and safety trouble-shooting, NSA and OSHA compliance, and Circuitry code power load regulations.
  • Demonstrated Work Leadership of Small Team Electrical Apprentice and Journeyman Crews.

Electrician Resume Skillset Skills:
  • Circuit schematic and blueprint technical analysis.
  • Commercial Transformer and High Voltage Circuit Panel Installation.
  • Interpersonal compliance negotiation skills with OSHA and City Code officers.
  • Digital Ohms meter scanner trouble-shooting proficiency for code compliance and circuit overload prevention and detection.
  • Supervised Project Team with Power Cable equipment connectivity with strict attention to grounding wiring leads.

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Clooney Electrician Service, LLC.


  • Clooney Electric, Inc. Darfur, West Sudan 02/2007-Present (Team Leader and Journeyman Electrician).
  • Northrup Grumman Services Group, Houston TX 05/2005-12/2006 (Lead Electric Circuit Panel and Transformer Installer).
  • Halliburton, Las vegas NV 04/01/2001-04/2005 (Small Crew Team Leader).


  • In-Service Training Seminar, Clooney Electric, 20 hours (Year 2008).
  • Annual OSHA safety review, Year 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 (Self-Study).
  • Electric Manufacturer Product briefings, Year 2005-2009, 2 hours per quarter.
  • Diploma, Clooney H.S., Newark NJ (1979).

Additional Information:

  • Strong Desire for Relocation to International Geographical areas: Middle East, South America, North Africa, Eastern Europe, and Afghanistan.
  • State of Texas Class C Driver License.
  • International Humanitarian.
  • Designated as Sexiest Man Alive.
  • References: Contact Allison Taylor's Reference Checking Service.

---End of Electrician Resume Sample---

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