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A Military Resume Writing assignment is the toughest set of marching orders you have ever received. Hands sweating...heart pumping...mouth dry like a desert vagabond.

As the Chief Writer for eResumes4Vips, my mission is to help you to craft your military-resume-writing task. Also, as a former Non Commissioned Officer, I had to actually write (and re-write) my own army resume, for military to civilian job search.

Ok, Ready-Fire-Aim...

Army Strong

Navy: Accelerate Your Life

The Few, The Proud, The Marines

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Former Military-to-Civilian EOD Resume Packet

Honduran Relief Efforts

Peter Petraeus, Gen (Ret)

Dallas, TX USA


Email Address



Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD), Counter-terrorism consultant technician (contractual) position with the ABC Group. Preferred work area, International, with a specificity toward Middle East, Indonesia, and (former) Soviet-bloc Republics.


EOD and Weapons expert with 10 years of military combat arms experience. Hostile environment operational deployments to Kosovo-Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Turkey, Somalia, and South America (classified), as well as numerous Top-Secret locales.

Operative profile is in alignment with:

  • Cultural and Historical populace orientation
  • Dominant Power Brokers at large (tribal as well insurgent leadership)
  • Weapon and firepower assessment (inclusive of “homemade weaponry”)

Attention to All Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, And Airmen. Join With Me in Saluting Our New Commander-in-Chief. Number 44, President Barack H. O....

Effective KSA Writing for Job Applications Participant Guide -


Supply Sergeant Company, Boise, ID Jan 2008-Present
Military Clothing, military-style clothing, military name tapes and supplies

Account Executive, Corporate and Internet Sales Division

  • Departmental sales efforts resulted in an organic annual production increase of 45% versus last year

  • Consulting Liaison with Department of Defense (DOD) procurement managers

  • Developed Improvised Explosive Device (IED) prototype. Sales contracts for IED prototype have exceeded $250,000 within 6 months of development delivery to market

  • Camber Corporation, Worldwide November 2006-December 2007 Warfighter Exercise Simulation Tester

  • Data collection efforts, 94% accuracy, for 5 battle simulation exercises

  • Provided Debugging software matrix test feedback to programmers for a cost-savings of $75,000

  • Organization Project Compliance Officer and DOD Liason Coordinator

  • Joint Warfighter Command Fort Bragg,NC June 1999-June 2005. Numerous (classified) deployments in support of National Interest directives

  • EOD Field Staff Instructor, Counter-Insurgency (locality classified)

--End of military resume writing sample, pt.1--

You and I both know how really tough it is to put together a Job-Winning resume. Wanting to make a free printable resume is one thing, but getting it done is another.

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Weapons Expertise

  • High expertise with laying primacord between rows of charged blast holes and tied cord into main line to form blast pattern.

  • Moved, stored and maintained inventories of high grade explosives to include C-4, and remote detonated dynamite

  • Wrote, designed and produced the (first) field manual (unclassified) of the Iranian-made “Humvee Buster” IED.

  • Expert Marksman, M-16, 9mm, and M-203 grenade launcher. Earned German Army Schutzenmeister marksmanship badge.


  • Associates Degree, Fayetteville State University (2000)

  • Advanced NCO (ANCOC) Course, 11M (1998)

  • Battle Staff Course, Fort Bliss Texas (1997)

  • Amphibious Military Operational Training Academy, Little Creek NAB (1996)

  • Bronze Star

  • Meritorious Service Medal

  • Purple Heart

Iraq Purple Heart Awardee

  • Kuwait Expeditionary Medal

  • Navy Commendation Medal

Clearance & Background
  • Top Secret

  • Honorable Discharge, US Army (Sep 2005)

DD-Fm 214 (available upon request)
--end of Military Resume Writing Sample--

--A Military Resume Writing Sample--a free functional resume publication of eResumes4Vips for the expressed personal use of this website reader visitors. Any other usage must be approved by the author.

The above military resume writing example is fictitious. The template and format are for example purposes only.

Vivid, Graphic, Shocking Photo Gallery of War-torn Kosovo-Serbia

The online Photo Gallery of, Andrija Ilic, captures the Horror, Struggle, Despair, Grief, Heartache, and Humanity of War-Torn Kosovo-Serbia, 1998-Present.

Without apology, through the lens of a simple camera, Ms. Ilic chronicles the War and Military devastation. Please visit her photo gallery...caution, Not for the Faint of Heart military resume writing seekers...

Military to Civilian Transition Resume Writing

How to Get a Us Gov't Job

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit
The US economy is "Slowing Down;" yet the federal government will continue to add to Civil Service positions. No you won't get rich, but you'll live 'darn comfortable.'


  1. First thing is to match your skillset with that of the government's job vacancies. The US Government is one of the World's largest employers...they also are the "Mother of Systems & Procedures."
  2. Next, decide what "Branch" you would like for: Military, Federal department(s), Quasi-Governmental (i.e. USPS or AAFES), Domestic or International.
  3. Use the internet and search engines to research What & Where the government jobs are (i.e.


  • Read ALL of the job requirements
  • Learn & decipher the acronyms and lingo (i.e. OMB, OPF-12, SAR)
  • Check your Credit history; fix any issues
  • Pay up your delinquent Parking, Speeding tickets (if any)
  • Make sure your Income tax is in good-standing with the IRS (another great gov't source of jobs; especially temp-to-hire)


  • If you have any criminal, immigration, or on-going divorce/child support issues, Think-Twice-Before-Applying.
  • The Hiring Process is Very Slow! Don't terminate your job search

Things You'll Need

Article provided by wikiHow, a collaborative writing project to build the world's largest, highest quality how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Get a Us Gov't Job. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

How to Get a Gov't job article written and contributed to Wiki-How by the Publisher of eResumes4Vips. Military Resume Writing Sample created with Winway Deluxe

How-to Create Amazing Military Cover Letters

Goto Military Resume Cover Letter Page Cover Letter Samples are actually More Important than your resume. Good cover + Good resume = Interview.

The military cover letter samples, like Air-Land-Battle, is your air cover that "softens-up" the enemy prior to the ground assault.

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Military Resume Writing to Bartender Sample Page
The Bartender Resume Sample Page is a How-To to show the Manager:
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  2. You are Knowledgeable
  3. You are SAFEty Conscious
  4. You Can Be Trusted!!!

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