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A Grant Writer Resume is in very high demand. Due to the global economic meltdown PLUS the Bernie Madoff (ponzi scheme) white-collar thievery, non-profits need more help than ever.

Grants Are Essential For Survival!

Moreover, the grant-writing professional must be well-versed in the nuances of foundational gifting. In baseball, it's referred to as the 'rules of the game'.

Again, the very viability of a non-profit organization comes back to finding grant-money. Hence, use eResumes4Vips to create an absolutely free grant writer resume that is an attention-grabber!


Bill Clinton's
Grant Writer Resume

Alfred Eisenstaedt's portrait of 42nd U.S. President Clinton (

William J Clinton
Been There Drive

Little Rock, AR



A Grant Writer Resume (example).

Objective: An executive position as a Grant Coordinator within a major corporation.


Monica Lewinski & Assoc, Hollywood, CA
Grant Coordinator 1997 to Present

  • Developed grant-funded programs.

  • Reviewed literature dealing with funds available through grants from governmental agencies and private foundations.

  • Determined feasibility of developing programs to supplement local annual budget allocations.

  • Discussed program requirements and the sources of funds available with administrative personnel.

  • Conferred with personnel affected by proposed program to develop program goals and objectives.

  • Outlined how funds were to be used and explained procedures necessary to obtain funding.

  • Worked with fiscal officer in preparing narrative justification for purchase of new equipment and other budgetary expenditures.

  • Submitted proposal to officials for approval.

  • Wrote grant applications, according to format required and submitted application to funding agency and foundation.

  • Met with representatives of funding sources to work out final details of proposal.

  • Directed and coordinated the evaluation and monitoring of grant-funded programs.

  • Wrote specifications for evaluation and monitoring of program by outside agency.

  • Assisted department personnel in writing periodic reports to comply with grant requirements.

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Brigham Young University, School of Hard Knocks
Provo, UT. B.S., Political Science, 1972

References: Available upon request
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