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An Attorney resume sample is a dime-a-dozen; no two will match. Consider an attorney-resume a legal resume; that is, full of opposing auguments. Fully representative of the legal process: " Justice is Blind..."

Here is a fact: Lawyers are everywhere, within every sector of commerce. Heck, even the US Army's Judge Advocate Corps (JAG) are constantly writing and re-writing the rules of war.

Now that would really look impressive on your attorney resume..."Single-handedly re-wrote the rules of war after September 11, 2001, while serving in the Judge Advocate Corps."

She Sings, Dances, and Lawyers...

1982 Hollywood Blvd • Portland OR
(917) 508-6437


Environmental (Green) Legal Counselor with both a passion and a high level of expertise seeking a senior associate role within an environmental practice firm.


Twenty years of legal experience, focusing on tort reform, real estate law, and environmental protection.

Past practice resulted in Client awarding of collective claimant awards exceeding $100M USD.

Board certified (Colorado) in Environmental law; Diplomate Governmental Regulatory Practice.

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Attorneys "Practice" Law


Environmental Practice, LLP New York, New York Senior Partner, 2005-2008

Secured favorable verdict and damages award on behalf of the State of Alaska (prior to Governor Sarah Palin).

Identified strategic sourcing opportunities with executives and other key support personnel; analyzed property purchases, leases and sales of existing properties.

Executed real estate deals and contracts for several large revenue clients.

Monitored litigation expenses and ensured that all costs are in conformance with project budgets.

U.S. Dept of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Washington, D.C., Senior Counsel 2001-2005 (Bush Administration)

Successfully lobbied Secretary of the Interior to rewrite 100,000 pages of environmental law.

Published 100 articles related to environmental law for trade journals, government white papers, and the Wall Street Journal as well as Investors Business Daily.

Guest starred as an environmental legal expert on BOSTON LEGAL.

Wrote numerous Attorney Resume samples for colleagues.


Harvard Law School, Adjunct Professor

Yale University, Law School – Juris Doctorate, 1999

Stanford University, MBA


Lawyers for a Clean America

Screen Actors Guild; Chairperson, Legal Defense Fund

Colorado State Bar Association (Multiple sections), Member

Alaska State Bar Association (Multiple sections), Member

Southern Poverty Law Center, Board Member

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