Obamas Resume

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The 44th President:
A Yes We Can, Obamas Resume

Barack H. Obama for President of the U.S.A. is a Cinderella Story. A virtual "nobody" as of pre-year 2004, President Barack Husein Obama took Washington (D.C.), the Nation, and the World (for that matter) By Storm in 2009.

Not one to adopt a laissez-faire, let'em cake, kick-back and prop-up the floresheims, his cabinet and administration began to shape not even a week after the November 08 election. Herein lies the foundation of Obamas Resume example.

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Yes We Can; Si Se Puede

Photographs by Scout Tufankjian

"Change is Coming to America!" Yes, We Can (Si Se Puede)!" Sound familiar? These simple words were (and still are...) the Battle Cry. The message...plain, simple, significant, specific.

The Target was Acquired and locked; Barack had it lined up into his political crosshairs. Obamas resume now had some razor-sharp teeth.

"It's The Economy Stupid"--as said by Former US President, William {Bill} Jefferson Clinton. Can you say, STIMULUS!, America?

Right out of the Clinton playbook, Barack Obama's Resume brought the simple message (Yes, We Can/Si Se Puede) into his own...The Obama Playbook...

--Funny how Secretary of State and Former 2008 Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton didn't latch unto that Clinton_Bill playbook strategy--

The Obama Playbook;
The Age of Obama

eResumes4Vips was the first to coin the phrase, The Obama Playbook. Yet it was the Wall Street Journal (my favorite digital and print news service for career tools as well as the behind-the-scenes national and world stuff) that referred to this time as, "The Age of Obama."

What's really cool, as the nation heals from being the hated infidel of the WORLD, many ordinary Americans are believing, again, in the "Pursuit of Life...Liberty...and the Pursuit of Happyness.
The issues that we face, are beyond imagination. Record fiscal deficits, 2 on going wars, nuclear arms proliferation (North Korea and Iran), thawed relations with Russia, and record unemployment. Probably the main reason that you are now here at eResumes4Vips is because you are experiencing your own employment issues.

--For you, the aforementioned aren't just problems not simple statistics, it's right in your living room. You're standing on shaky ground...career-wise (true or true?)--

We've all noted that Mr Obamas Resume is indeed impressive; however, the Man ain't God... Our exuberance must be tempered with pragmatic realism. Fancy words meaning, 'keeping one's foot on the ground.'

The 44th President:
A Yes We Can Obama Resume

Time Magazine's, Man of the Year (2008)

Without further adieu,

Year 2008, Senator Barack Obamas Resume

courtesy of VisualCV dotcom

Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States. The Year 2008 has been historically referred to as, THE AGE OF OBAMA.

A by-product of this bit of history, is that Mr. Obama is of multi-racial ethnicity. A Kenyan father...an American, Caucasian mother. Obama has a darkened skin color, hence, America is calling him: The First Black President.

A President-Elect Obamas Resume is a pinch-me 'I Must be Dreaming' scenario. Yet here we are America (and the World)...the Glass ceiling has been broken.

Lincoln Portrait, courtesy of Art.com

Characterically, Obama is surrounding himself with a Team of Opposites. This is a page from the Lincoln Playbook. US President Abraham Lincoln drew upon opposing opinions.

He inherited a Nation of Civil War (1861-1865), statehood cessation, and a national moral debate of the institution of slavery. Lincoln was a junior Senator from the State of Illinois. Obama was also the Junior Senator from the State of Illinois. Coincidence, Hmmm...

There's No One as
Irish as Barack O'Bama

O'Hara, O'Leary, O'Reilly...There's
no one as Irish as Barack O'Bama video



Do you want to work for President Obama's Secret Service? If so, then you'll need a Security Guard Resume as well as a Federal Resume.

Ask Allison to Check Your References BEFORE your Interview!

Purpose-Driven Controversy

Get Rick Warren's, The Purpose Driven Life

Pastor Rick Warren, Author,
The Purpose-Driven Life

Pastor Warren was not a early supporter of Obamas Resume, yet agreed to deliver the 09 Presidential Inauguration's Invocation (ecclesiatical prayers and blessing). The Left balked...The Right saber-rattled.

Rick Warren had publically opposed Alternative sexual orientation (Gays & Lesbians). Without debate, his position is counter to President Obama's.

Apple iTunes

B.O. (Barack Obama's pet name) asked Aretha Franklin to sing at his 2009 inauguration. The Queen of Soul's voice is as clear and stirring as ever before. No problems there. Yet...

Memo to the President

National Public Radio has an online series with reader content suggestions to our 44th President. The series is entitled Memo to the President (November 9, 2008):

Memo To The President,
Dear President-elect Obama:

As you and the new Congress prepare to take office, we here at NPR News wanted to outline the issues you face. From a broken military to a troubled economy to a National Park Service in need of a major overhaul — we'll provide the briefing paper, the options and the obstacles.

Short List:

  1. Guantanamo: Obama Faces Conundrum In Closing Prison

  2. Education: Obama's Wish List May Have To Wait

  3. Transportation: Obama's Plans Face Funding Roadblock

  4. Foreign Relations: U.S.-China Ties A Tricky Proposition

  5. Presidential Pooch: What America Needs In Its First Dog

  6. Foreign Relations: Hopes Run High In Mideast For Obama

  7. 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': Will Obama Press To End It?

  8. Financial Regulation: Preventing Another Crisis

  9. Domestic Spying: What Will Happen To Bush's Program?

  10. FCC: A Push For Internet Access For All Under Obama?

  11. Homeland Security: Rethinking What Works

  12. Foreign Aid: High Hopes For Maintained Spending

  13. Federal Contracts: New President Faces Powerful Firms

Mr. President, here's a personal note from The Chief Resume Writer at eResumes4Vips; You Have the Most Stressful Job in America. Quit Smoking w/CigArrest

Add, 'Quit Smoking while serving as 44th U.S. President' to your Obamas Resume!

Cigarrest to Stop Smoking in 7 Days!

Obama and McCain:
Time to {Career} Change America

Year 2008 Presidential Candidates

The US Presidential race, 2008 National Democratic Convention, made me think about Obamas resume writing. That's a "stretch", I hear you saying.

Maybe not...this is an awesome time in our political history. For America and for the International World community. An African-American has a shot at becoming an American President! More surreal than a feature film movie. I call it, Andre's Law of the What-If?

Furthermore, a savvy female was a top contender for the nomination. Come to think of it, a (second) woman (Governor of the State of Alaska?) could have become the first female Vice-President of the United States of America (2008). Now That will definitely require a job update CV!

Maybe Mrs. Palin will contact me
to update her resume. Ya Think?

Senator Obama's acceptance speech was themed, "Time to Change America." The USA Today ran the story with a smiling and waving Barack Obama (aka Obamas Resume) on a platform facing 85,000 exuberant people.

Yes, "Time to Change America!" Further, maybe it's time to reinvent your life and vocation with the help of eResumes4Vips...

John McCain's Concession Speech

YouTube Obama

How fortunate we are that YouTube has come into play. Enjoy the Obamas Resume Video clips...'Kodak Moments In Time.'

Poet Nathan's discourse; Why We're The One! YouTube behind the Scenes, 2008 Election night Obama's,  A More Perfect Union Speech. (poster courtesy of Art.com) Song-Writer, Will I Am's Tribute to Obama

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