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A Resume Helper for Success
Starts with Positive Thinking

This is the Real Cornerstone of
Career Self Development.

The Best resume helper to create a resume is located between your very own two ears. You are your best resume-helper; corporate headquarters location is Your Own Brain. Let's call this:

The Resume Mind

After reviewing my competitor's websites, no other writer had discussed this subject. Your mind, or rather, your thinking, is the GPS (global positioning system; aka fish-finder) for your job search or career change success. "You Are What You Think About...Most of the Time." Brian Tracy

If you'd like to know more about the Resume Mind side of Success, here's my exclusive invitation for you to visit Kevin Ngo's "Motivational Blog" for valuable insights. Kevin's site contains Mega-Tons of Powerful-Motivational-Tools to help you succeed.

Personal Development is an on-going process for Career Building. The responsibility to learn, grow, and know is yours...alone. YOU! must take responsibility for both your career and personal development.

In many cases, having a Mastermind group is almost like a Religious of practical spirituality.

There is a Sanskrit word, Chitta, which means minding...a process. And a process can never be silent. A person will always be tense because A Process equals turmoil. The mind is always moving from the past to the future. For more 'Mind Truths,' visit the Truth-Seeker website for more...

Finding this topic a little wierd or perhaps, boring...No matter; skip it...this website is for your benefit. Any areas that are not needed, by you, my readers, should be discarded. This resume helper (aka resume mind) information will prove to be "Worth its Weight in Gold;" if you simply give it another 59 seconds and read on.

Blog to the World about Your favorite story, career challenge, or anything of interest. Click here to go to the Your Story submission page to really...

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My Resume Helper
The Master-Mind-Group


"The coordination of effort between two or more people in a spirit of perfect harmony in order to attain a specific objective."-Napoleon Hill (courtesy of Nightingale-Conant, Inc.)

Napoleon HillNapoleon Hill is considered to have influenced more people into success than any other person in history. Born in a one-room cabin, he began his career as a journalist. His big break came when he was asked to interview steel-magnate Andrew Carnegie, who was so impressed with the young reporter that he convinced Hill to research and organize the world's first philosophy of individual achievement. The project took 20 years to complete. Hill wrote several best-selling books on the subject. Napoleon Hill's "Think And Grow Rich" is one of Nightingale-Conant's best-selling programs of all time.

My Resume Helper

I understand, that sometimes, my mind is not my friend. To balance things out, I often call upon friends of mine...well, not actually 'personal' friends...nevertheless, as close and near to my heart as my own brothers. My friends are members of my Master Mind Group.

They help me, counsel me, share knowledge and skills with me, and make me better! Read on to learn more about my Master Mind Group.

The Master Mind concept derived from the teachings and philosophy of the (Late) Napoleon Hill. Dr. (Honorary) Hill, infamous author of Think and Grow Rich, began his work in the early part of the 20th century as a protege' (student) of Andrew Carnegie.

Andrew Carnegie: Billionaire, Steel magnate, and Philanthropist (he liked to give away money) is the main benefactor of Carnegie-Mellon University located in the State of Pennsylvania (USA).

Hill began a 20 year exhaustive research study and investigation of the country's (USA) richest and most powerful men. He noted many areas of likeness and similarities. He was able to drill-down these common traits to 17 principles of success. Napoleon Hill is infamously know for the following quotation, " What the Mind Can Conceive; the Mind can Achieve!"

The Works of Napoleon Hill is available in books, CDs, ITunes audiobook, and DVDs from the following online vendors:

Nightingale-Conant Corporation

The most quoted book on success of all time! The complete

Think and Grow Rich book on audio, recorded on CD.

Plus an entire seminar also recorded on CD walking you through each and every success principle taken from this amazing book.

To learn more, go to SUCCESS

Changing into the Mind of a Job Resume

This Resume Mind stuff may seem a bit mystical, but it's for real. T Harv Eker, CEO of Peak Potentials, Inc. and developer of the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar course (of which this writer is a graduate thereof), states that "Our Inner World, Creates our Outer World!

No, I'm not talking about 'pretending' that you are gainfully employed, rich, happy, successful, etc...etc. I am referring to you already have these assets and gifts. Truly, we can't earn $100,000 until we provide $200,000 of value to others.

To help us along this path-to-success, I'd like to suggest to you...Hypnosis and Meditation (don't touch that mouse and click away...)

Simply, the positive affect of positive messages and mental (subliminal) suggestion for Job Success cannot be Overstated. Fortunately, these snippets of positive messages can be downloaded via MP3 format, online, from your computer (unless you're at work on your employer's network).

Resume Helper, Board of Directors

We have just scratched the surface of the resume helper mind. eResumes4Vips has a Mastermind Board of Directors. Ok...Ok...this Board is a 'Virtual Group.' So What...Big works for me. It WILL work for You.

Here is a short list of my {virtual} Board; click on their weblinks to learn more about each of my Board Members.

What Can Brian Tracy Do For You?

Goals! 2008 - Live Teleseminar


"Why Just Build A Site, When You Could Build A Business?" Site Build It! ("SBI!") is the only, all-in-one, site-brainstorming-and-building-and-hosting-and-marketing, step-by-step system of software tools that delivers thriving, profitable business.

Ken Evoy Seminar

The right process, the right tools that remove all the barriers and mysteries, correctly applied at the right time. That is how you grow long-term profits. And that is how SBI! works.

Real Positive Thinking!

The late, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, aka Resume Helper Peale, is my Resume Mastermind Chairman of the Board. Dr. Peale spoke and wrote the practical message of Positive Thinking. Dr. Peale has helped thousands of job hunters and business people during his lifetime...

Zig Ziglar

The Greatest Motivator in the Entire Universe! This Mastermind Boardmember, aka resume helper ziglar, is my "Chief Cheerleader." Find or ask any professional and successful salesperson, trainer, or business manager; and ask the question, "have you ever heard of Zig Ziglar? The answer will be a yes...

Brian Tracy

Why do I call, Brian Tracy, The Resume Helper's helper? Simple...Brian Tracy has done more to develop the philosophy of the Self-Image, than anyone I have known. Resume Helper Tracy, teaches, "We become, what we think about, most of the time!"

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The Donald, Resume Helper Trump; You're Hired! Your ears hear, you're fired...The Donald Trump (aka Resume Helper Trump; The Donald), is in the 'Hiring Business' versus the Firing Business.

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