Habitat for Humanity

We've all heard of that World-Famous House building, hand-up charity called Habitat For Humanity. Don't be fooled...these humble charity purveyors are downright businesslike when it comes to legitimately raising money and winning grant awards.

Habitat For Humanity
How to Find 6-Figure Grant Money

One of the local Texas (USA) Habitat affiliates allowed me to video one of their free 90 minute grant writer resume workshops. The result: a commercially-produced and polished kick-butt be-all, end-all all-in-one grant writing DVD. One can't get this behind the scenes data @ Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or Wharton.

The How to Find 6-Figure Grant Money for Your Non-Profit Agency DVD offers 84 minutes of actual small group, grant writer resume one-on-one. Executive Director Gene Bauer not only goes line-by-line, but painstakingly answers questions from both the novices, the group pros, as well as the clueless (myself included).

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