InGround Pool

An inground pool purchase is a very tough buying decision. I took the plunge, after interviewing lots and lots and lots of companies.

I checked their resumes very carefully.

One may ask, "why is including a page on the site about an inground pool (or an inground swimming pool or even an above ground pool for that matter)." It goes back to the resume...

Resumes aren't just tools for job seekers

Again, resumes aren't just tools for job seekers, but are also used by companies to promote their products and services. Yet business don't call their marketing efforts, resumes; rather they present their portfolios. Portfolios, docile' or presentation(s)...same-same.

It's about the marketing. They essentially have a resume; job seekers could learn a lot about marketing themselves in the same fashion that businesses market themselves to the general public.

My Inground Pool vs Above Ground Pool decision

The Wife and I took the inground-pool buying plunge wayback in 1991. It was a tough choice; it was mainly about the money. We interviewed, received bids, checked references, and combed through the marketing portfolios (resumes) of a dozen or so companies.

Finalizing our selection, the pool was constructed according to specifications, yet wasn't finished until After the Summer. Discovering later that pool companies, whether inground pool or an above ground pool contractor, will schedule and line-up a backlog of jobs.

Think of a Python swallowing a Sherman Tank; that's the sale funnel concept model of the inground swimming pool contractor company.

What about Buying an Above Ground Pool for...?

An above ground pool is fine...nothing wrong with them. Besides being cost-effective (over an inground-pool investment), they are mobile. You and the family move; the above ground pool moves also. Of course, not so with an inground pool setup.

They may not last as long, yet the goal is simple. That is, To Get Wet! An above ground pool delivers in that regard.

At the time (1991), my kids were small. Visibility was an important factor in my purchasing decision. Visibility? Do you know where your children are? With an above ground pool the visibility of the pool water itself is hidden from view. A child's lifeless body could be hidden away from a Frantic Parent. We didn't want to gamble with that "what-if factor." But thinking back, buying a pool in the first place, increased the odds of a possible accidental drowning.

[sidebar--Job seekers run into the same sort of hidden agendas of the prospective employers that review their resumes.]

Checking Pool Replaster resumes

In 2011, my twenty year old inground-pool needed remodeling. Checking around, the cost to upgrade and replaster had outdistanced even that of inflation. A replaster job would/could/did cost as much as new inground pool construction.

What to do? I called around, received marketing portfolios (resumes), and entertained bids.

Selecting a two-brother Central Texas pool replastering company, I was delighted with the price bid as well as the quality and swiftness of their work. They even left my backyard in picture-perfect condition. Boy, am I glad I checked pool company resumes and references.

To document the pool replastering process, I produced a swimming pool reconstruction video that gives insight into the inner mechanics of inground-pool replastering. A preview of that pool reconstruction video is shown below.

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